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Sagar Optimizations is an official FlexSim simulation software partner for India. We have over 10 years of expertise in simulation modelling and optimization projects at national and International level. We believe in sharing our diverse expertise with clients working philosophy to achieve strategical competitive edge.

Our Approach:

Nowadays, Systems around our professional and social life are getting more and more complex. Interaction within business processes are not quantifiable due to noise within the way of working methodology. Business process optimization through simulation modeling approach allows organizations to predict system outcome within short time duration and less implementation cost.

Our business problem solving approach is cyclic, means re-designing, re-modelling and re-simulating till achieving best optimal solution as per client satisfaction for the business objective. We engage our client to direct and understand complex business processes during every stage of simulation model development.

Stage 1: Identify and scope business problem
Face to Face client meeting to identify and prioritize current problems. It is important to jointly define and limit simulation modeling requirement to business objective. This stage is mandatory as it restrict to core problems and limit boundary to capture core business issues rather than diverting away from it.

Stage 2: Data collection and process understanding
Data is the heart of simulation model. We collect data in the form of spreadsheets, facility layout, verbal communication, standard process flow, enterprise database, etc. from clients. When data are not readily available, we walk through every step of business processes for accurate data collection. We encourage our clients to provide correct and accurate data as right input gives right solution of core business problems.

Stage 3: Develop AS IS and TO BE simulation models
We develop AS IS simulation model of current business system and then study and analyze for finding system bottleneck and other problematic issues. Once we capture all issues we propose optimized TO BE simulation model, which gives optimum cost effective business solution. We use number of lean manufacturing and six-sigma techniques to come up with optimum solution. Also using experimentation tool, we propose robust solution to mitigate potential risky issues.

Stage 4: Re-review & optimize TO BE model proposal
Simulation modeling is cyclic repetitive process, where we take one step back to review our proposed business solution with clients. Two-way communication gives number of new constraints within TO BE model. We consider clients refined feedback, business limitation, future strategy, and practical implementation possibility to come up with best practical business solution that can be implemented in real world system.

We are pioneer in Flexsim in all over India. We Manufacturing simulation modelling, Layout Optimization in India, Layout optimization using simulation, Warehouse Operation Management simulation. Our offices at Daman near Vapi, Gujarat, INDIA