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FlexSim has a high degree of flexibility, allowing it to be customized into a specific application for any industry. FlexSim can be used to simulate any business process whether that process will be manufacturing, pedestrian flow, logistics, bottling line, etc. FlexSim drag-drop feature makes it accessible for anyone to experiment with a model. Flexsim can give insight in everything from the location and rate of inventory build up to how a layout change affects the amount of operator or product movement.

Flexsim can give insight in everything from the location and rate of inventory build up to how a layout change affects the amount of operator or product movement.

Flexsim Features:

• Visualize and Build in a 3D world
• Drag and drop future makes it Ease of use
• Standard Object Library building
• Dynamically Analysing system while model running
• Immersive presentations withfly path capability
• Automatically tracking model Statistics
• Powerful dashboard helps to import createdatabase spreadsheets
• No high-level programming knowledge requires.
• In built statistical distribution software Expertfit.
• Get help when you need it through live FlexSim community.
• AGV simulation modeling using AGV module.
• Material flow handling modeling using conveyor module.
• Continuous event modelling using fluid process module.
• Flowchart modelling using process flow module.

Process Flow modeling feature:

A simulation project generally involves large, complex problems that can be broken down into sets of smaller problems. The Process Flow module has the ability to break up large simulation models into small, manageable pieces that can be understood on your terms.

1. Process Flow makes it easier to model complex systems:
Modeling the logic of a system is the most time-consuming part. FlexSim is armed with picklist options and event triggers to ease this burden, but many models still require a large amount of customization to make them accurate. Customization like this can often lead to lines upon lines of computer code. Process flow replaces nearly all computer code with a flowchart.

2. Process Flow lets your project scale as you need it to:
You have the ability to get a very quick and rough, high-level idea of which brainstormed idea will provide the best output then you can do detailed models in a much more focused way. Using process flow module, you can build the entire logic of your simulation system by select an appropriate pre-programmed activity from the process flow library, then drag and drop it directly into your flowchart.

3. Process Flow keeps the logic in one central location
Some of the large and complex logistics system model takes weeks to debug. The model’s logic was spread across dozens of queues and processors. It is an enormous task just to track down why an operator was appearing somewhere he should not be supposed to be.

In short, the new Process Flow module will make model-building much easier and more user-friendly from the beginning of the process to the end.

OptQuest (Optional):

Investigating every possible scenario in simulation modelling can be extremely time-consuming and, in many cases, impossible. Optquest can intelligently allow analyst to search for optimal solutions to complex business and engineering problems. Optimization with OptQuest can suggest optimal what-if scenarios that may yield the best results.

OptQuest incorporates metaheuristics approach to guide its search algorithm toward better solutions. This approach remembers which solutions worked well and recombines them into new, better solutions. Metaheuristics is a family of optimization approaches that includes scatter search, genetic algorithms, simulated annealing, Tabu search, and their hybrids.

The OptQuest enables to find the best answer to questions such as:
» What is the maximum return on budgets allocated to different uses, given uncertain product demand, machine reliability, and raw material availability?
» What is the most effective configuration of machines for production scheduling under variable conditions of demand and operation?
» What are the most effective location and release sequencing of raw materials to minimize waiting time?
» What are the optimal work force allocations to minimize lead time and labor costs?
» Which machine should maximize system throughput?

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